Convenient and Professional Care

SafeGard Travel Medicine provides a full range of travel clinic options. Initially, all persons need to provide us with some basic information about their trip. They will then be contacted for a clinic appointment. Based upon the complexity of their needs, they may receive a consultation with a doctor, vaccinations, and/or prescriptive travel medications. The clinic provides the necessary vaccinations along with information to assist the traveler in planning a healthy trip.

About Us

SafeGard Travel Medicine is a subsidiary of SafeGard Services, Inc., a company committed to promoting health and education. SafeGard Travel Medicine, specifically, seeks to provide a convenient and affordable option for travelers to obtain professional recommendations for their travel needs. Initially a traveler will need to fill out an online travel form which is then evaluated by a team of travel medicine trained physicians, nurses and pharmacists. The resulting recommendations then allow the traveler to obtain the necessary travel vaccinations and medications from one of our associated pharmacies.